Talk about loving Pripara.

Hi, I’m daisuke!
This is my first time to write a blog in English!
Now, we have to stay home because of COVID-19 so on this occasion I’ll try various things.
The blog is one of them.

In this page, I’m gonna introduce one of my favorite anime!
This anime is…

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It’s a so-called “anime for girls” that has been airing on TV Tokyo and other networks since 2014, but
Even now that the show has ended, I’ve always loved this anime.
In this page, I’d like to talk about the appeal of “Pripara”, which a 22-year-old man is currently addicted to.

※This page contains light spoilers.

☆What kind of anime?

The setting is “Pripara”, a digital theme park where anyone can become an idol.
There is an “idol ranking” within Pripara, and the “Divine idols” are at the top of that rank.
The main character, Laala Manaka, works hard with her rivals and teammates to become a Divine idol.

It’s a simple story of “aspiring to be a top idol”, but there’s so much more to the story of Pripara.
As you watch more and more of these episodes, I think you will gradually become a person who can’t live without Pripara. Those who have done it speak.

☆Idols with too strong individuality

Now, speaking of idol anime, idol characters full of individuality are very important, aren’t they?
The COOL idol with few words, the POP idol with lots of energy, the LOVELY idol of KAWAII-JAPAN…
I can’t help but think of idols with various attributes.

Let’s take a look at some of the idols of the three attributes I’ve just mentioned: cool, pop, and lovely.

-The Invincible Powerful Girl- Chanko Nabeshima

Originally, she was the bodyguard of the popular idol Sophie Hojo. She has the strongest body of any Pripara idols, and once inadvertently nearly destroyed the human race when she jumped into a pool and drowned out the sunlight with a splash of water.
Add a “~Chanko” ending to a word.

-The Creature that Concentrated the Madness of Pripara- Ajimi Kiki

She is an art teacher at Paprika Academy, the private school where the main characters attend, and although she looks like a girl, she is an adult idol in her twenties.
In the real world and in the world of Pripara, she is a crazy person that runs around, shouting strange noises, and drawing pictures with a brush and paint in her hand.

The way she speaks is especially strange (or rather, crazy), and she adds the names of artists and paintings to the end of her words.
I don’t think you know what I’m talking about, so here are some of her lines.

"Next time I'll show you my best clothes-Renoire Da Vinci!! Until then, listen to this song-Keseraera Da Vinci~~!

"OK, okay! Do it- Chagall! A・JI・MI, I thought I had a talent for police-Da Vinci! I'll take care care care care of it-Da Vinci!"

She speaks such complex lines at high speed. And she’s running around.
Incidentally, there are more crazy lines, so my head hurts when I try to concentrate and listen to the lines.
There is also someone in the story who dislikes her, and it’s so funny to see how they intertwine.

-One of the Best Healing Characters of Pripara- Leona West

The two of them were too much of a stimulus until just a moment ago. I’m sorry.
They are sub characters, so they don’t appear in the main story very often. (But the characters are too strong…)

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I’m going to change my mind and introduce this lovely idol, Leona. Leona is one of the six main characters in Pripara, and is part of the Laala’s rival team.

Leona is an international student from Canada with a very quiet personality and twin sister, Dorothy is on the same team. It’s a smile to see how close they are together.

Leona’s habit is to “relax,” and has a heart that cares for others more than anyone else.
Leona’s encompassing personality is such that she naturally attracts small children to her. (sister Dorothy made those children cry.)

How are you doing? Unlike the two girls I mentioned earlier, there are cute, lovely idols in Pripara.

Well, Leona is a man, though.

yes, she has.

☆A Powerful Live Scene!

There are two features of the live scene in Pripara.

Let me explain a little about the two original live performances of Pripara.

-The secret thoughts of a live performance- “Making Drama”

This “Making Drama” is an indispensable part of Pripara’s live.
This is a kind of visual production that colors the live performance. In one live performance (except for Dream Theater Live), they basically perform one making drama. You can enjoy a variety of performances depending on the idol, such as the back story of the creation of a new song, or your own character’s personality.

In episode 3, one of the main characters says that the making drama is “a test of your ability to express what you think about in your casual days and how you want to put your feelings into your songs. I didn’t know there was such a deep meaning behind this-puri…

Climaxes with a fancy dress! “Cyalume Change”

After the making drama was performed, the last part of the live was finally started. “Cyalume Change~!!”

After the Making Drama, when idols held up their mics to the sky and said “Cyalume Change!”, their outfit changes into the “Cyalume coord”. This is the psyllium change.

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This production, which is so flashy and beautiful that it is seared into the eyes, is one of wonderful part of Pripara’s CG.
The stage transforms and rises to the top of the stage after the code-change is also a very good performance.

☆Too Strong Bosses(competitors).

The road to becoming a top idol is not an easy one. In this storyline of Pripara, idols who are in a boss-like position also stand in front of the main characters.

One of the elements of anime that I’m personally addicted to is “attractive enemy characters,” and the enemy characters that appear in Pripara are all good characters with lots of personality.
(But, final boss, I don’t forgive you.)

My personal favorite is the boss in SEASON 2.
That idol was a genius and had never put in the “effort” to grab a victory.
The genius that stands in front of Laala, who has worked hard every day to raise his idol rank, will captivate everyone who sees him in one performance.

He’s good-looking, smart, athletic, and he has a lot of money. Even the heroes in recent anime would be surprised at this status.
Pripara official setting book says, “I can’t find anything I can’t do.”

The main character, Lara, has the idea that “everyone’s friends, everyone’s idol.” In response, the boss said, “Disparity welcome! The ideal Pripara is “everyone is a rival, only celebrities are idols”, and she try to start a revolution to make it happen.

Behind that revolution was one hell of a plan…

The passionate development of “friendship,” “effort,” and “talent” colliding is a must-see.


I don’t have many real friends who are into Pripara, so I can’t talk to them much… So I’m happy if you’ve seen this article and become interested in Pripara even a little bit.

I think it was about 3 years ago when I got hooked on Pripara. It’s hard to think of a content that I’ve been hooked on for so long. So much so that I’m confident that it’s “wonderful”! Please check it out if you’re interested in it!

These sentences aren’t perfect because I’m writing while learning English, sorry!

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